Feeture – TAKE ACTION – Save the South Bank


Long Live Southbank.

This is definitely a feet related Feeture as for many many years the undercroft at London’s South Bank has been home to skaters, BMXers and Graffiti artists, now the space where many feet have ridden is in danger of being redeveloped. In early March 2013, The Southbank Centre unveiled designs for a £120 million redevelopment of its Festival Wing and in doing so revealed a plan to transform the iconic Southbank undercroft skate park into retail units. Where will the riders go? The plan is to relocate the skate park further down the river beneath the Hungerford Bridge – that is a plan that quite frankly sucks.

Heads have been riding at the South Bank from way back when I was a kid and this space is most definitely a part of Britain’s cultural heritage and belongs to the people. The plan to redevelop the space into commercial units is an outrageous one because rightly so for many the undercroft at the South Bank is the spiritual home of British Skateboarding. How can that be taken away and replaced with shops and restaurants? For real???

Please support the protection and preservation of this space by supporting the Long Live Southbank Campaign and by going to and signing the petition to save this most important of spaces. Please also spread the word however you can, across the internet, via social media, and word of mouth and ask people that you know to support the campaign. Please also support the launching of an application by the Long Live Southbank campaign that hopes to protect the undercroft as a village green space under the Commons Act 2006, which would declare the undercroft as a registered significant cultural site of great importance.

Check out the Long Live SouthBank website and get involved, there are a number of ways that you can help whether that be by becoming an official supporter of the campaign or by signing the petition, just click here .

Together we can do this…Long Live the South Bank

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