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Filling Pieces….filling the gap in very fine style.


Fill it…

We present you with our very first piece on Amsterdam-based footwear label Filling Pieces. We’ve had our eye on them for a minute and love the concept of bridging that gap between high fashion and street fashion. The shoes look seriously nice and the build and materials looks amazing you can almost feel from the pics just how good that leather is. There is plenty to choose from here and we’re feeling a lot of these models…but those red ones seriously nice and the heather blue/grey joints, but those red ones seriously.

What we also learnt is that Filling Pieces have set up a charity called FP for Charity to help those less fortunate and to put shoes on feet in places where having a pair of shoes is not a given. So Big Ups for that. Check out the selection…you might just need a pair of these in your collection.

Seriously premium footage.

_MG_1024       _MG_1028

_MG_0930       _MG_0916

_MG_0904       _MG_0878

_MG_0787       _MG_0831

_MG_1210       _MG_1216

_MG_0473       _MG_0413

_MG_0333       _MG_0391

_MG_0203       _MG_0105

_MG_0019       _MG_0001

_MG_1071       _MG_1084

_MG_0546       _MG_0678

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