The King’s Comments…Where for art thou quality???


“I do it just to do it just to say its nothing…”

So this week I was sitting on my throne thinking, what am I going to write about? Then I scrolled through Instagram (as you do) and saw a post of the Red Jordan ‘Infrared 23’ that were released on Saturday after Friday’s Storm and the comment said ‘they feel like plastic… So it made me ask myself this question which I am asking you guys…

“Are Nike and other brands just releasing trainers in different colourways to sell and not really caring about the quality??”  YES or NO?

For those of you who know me I review trainers on YouTube and the quality of a trainer is a BIG thing for me (and for you of course as it should be) because I remember the days when, if the tag said real leather you could smell the leather from a mile away… But now when something (especially trainers) says leather, you begin to think what part of the cow did they get that from? The balls??? Oops sorry I will keep it clean… But I mean what is the problem with companies just building a good product and letting us really be like YES, YES this is a great product it’s built so well. They make so much money on a pair of trainers so surely they can give us a better trainer right? Right?

Leather Upper       SONY DSC
I mean when I was young you needed things to last, cause mummy was only buying you 3 pairs a year (every summer) 1 shoe for going out, one smart trainer and one trainer for PE so when buying, your mum went for what was built good and for those of us who can remember the Nikes of the 80’s and 90’s most of them were made really well that’s why you have DS Jordan’s that you can kinda wear 20 years later. But I digress, it seems like nowadays the trainer companies put out a great, amazing, OMG looking shoe without thinking about one thing. Is it built well???

So the question is when will they fix up…er… Sorry to disappoint you guys the answer is NEVER!! NEVER EVER (little Kanye in there for ya what with all the controversy). Well sorta like when we consumers start saying “Hold Up” trainer companies we aren’t buying those amazing looking Jordans (Lol like that’s going to happen) But I mean something has to be done… Some companies get it right I know I know! Thank you to all the companies who do make an effort to get it right!! And yes I would say Nike did a lot better with the Jordan 5 Oreos and a few others… But they be getting it more wrong than right homies!!

Jordan 3 paint chip 2       Jordan 3 paint chip 1

And is anyone really going to lose out on a purchase of some QS Jordan’s because the leather is actually PLASTIC? You want them to stunt you don’t care about how they feel it’s all about how they look.  So basically we have ourselves to blame ourselves… Yup that’s right every time we hype up a trainer and queue up outside Niketown overnight to get a pair of whatever ( Let me go easy on Jordan he ain’t done nothing) We are to blame!! And it won’t stop, cause it can’t stop, take that, take that!!!

So what options do we have? Umm good question and that is what I will put out there for debate this week…

Put your comments below and maybe next week I will tell you what can be done… Until then my friends!!!  Enjoy  those Jordans while they last!

Peace and Retweets

Until the next time

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