Nike SF AF1 – this winter’s monster!


Nike give us a throwback to the 80s rollout of the AF1, remember that iconic pic? Well for 2016 they update the pic and the shoe this time getting that AF1 poster boy status are the NBA’s Anthony Davis, Paul George, Draymond Green, DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas.

But now for the shoe and it’s a super sneaker special forces kinda monster but so so sick. Introducing the Nike Special Forces Air Force 1 or SF AF1 which appears to combine the SFB and the AF1 into a winter ready beast with premium materials, ripstop nylon and those killer ankle straps. These GO HARD!

These drop in a bunch of colourways below and are scheduled to drop globally (we hope) this weekend Nov 5 and 6 with a special white/white makeup dropping exclusively at Complex Con this weekend.


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