The Hundreds x Puma – A Hopeful Future

The Hundreds and Puma come together again for their third collaboration, ending out the year with a call to protect our planet. 

For this third collection of footwear, apparel and accessories, being respectful to Mother Nature is the priority. Looking to the future with hope and positivity, leading the change and betting on sustainability, this latest collection from The Hundreds uses recycled materials and aims to raise awareness on how we dress, what we buy and wear while maintaining the iconic streetwear style that The Hundreds is known for.

The stylish and sustainable collectionpieces are manufactured with recycled water, rubber, organic cotton, and chrome-free leather, a more environmentally-conscious way of producing sneakers and clothing, a much needed change in a fashion industry that creates increasingly more waste on our planet as sneaker culture continues to boom.

A hopeful future, in Jamaica.

The team took to Jamaica to shoot some of the apparel pieces from the collection. We love Jamaica and the team has strong roots there. It’s a beautiful place but one where life is hard for so many and hopeful presents, let alone hopeful futures can be hard to think of. And during this time when Jamaica and its people have also been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, hope can be hard to find.

That said despite the adversity, the strength of the spirit of the Jamaican people always seems to will out, and hope is ever present. This shoot was a lot of fun, full of good vibes and took us across the beautiful island of Jamaica. Shouts to Chris, Miaous and the Jamaica fam; Gikes, Max, Pablo and Ricky, you know how the ting set already. 

Jamaica to the World! 


The Hundreds ‘A Hopeful Future’ collection, consists of some real fire with the apparel; t-shirts and hoodies, long sleeve polos, sweat pants, chino pants, shorts, jackets, caps, bags. Proper proper! 

Keeping with that sustainable twist some of the pieces are reversible giving you double the options in a single piece. 

For the footage, four different styles can be found in the collection:  nods to the Puma classics with a black and white Puma Clyde, the Performer and stepping into the now with the RS-2K, and a killer Future Rider made from 80% eco-friendly materials. And although the materials used in the sneakers are from sustainable sources, there is still that premium finish to all of them.

Bottom line whole collection is banging. NO CAP! 

Available at all your good Puma spots now! 

Imagery and creative direction: Miaous Barskadale, Chris Chang, Franklin Boateng

Jamaica team: Gikes, Max, Pablo, Ricky

Hi-res imagery available HERE.

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