A pair a day

A pair a day for a year…Day One Nike Killshot Roller Skate


365 days of shoes….

So I’m hoping that I’m gonna be able to keep this going for the next year which is doubtful after it took me about 2 hours to take some good pics of the above Nike Killshot Roller Skate!

What I want to do with this  feature is show folks some of my collection and try and post up a pair every day for a whole year! Ambitious yes I know but I thought it was time to get some of my collection out there into the world and see what you guys think and also tell you a little bit about each shoe and what it means to me.

So here we start off with the Nike Killshot Roller Skate, pretty much what Nike did here was just attach a regular sneaker onto some roller skate trucks and voila! So let’s not get it twisted these are old, really old ,over 30 years old in fact!

The original Nike Killshots which were recently retroed came out in 1979, made for playing squash or racquetball. I guess the roller disco became a craze in the 80s and so Nike whacked the Killshot onto 4 wheels. Not super complicated but innovative for the time that’s for sure, What I am also sure of is that some ankles got broken in these as the low profile of the Killshot offers ZERO support.

I saw these on the bay and had to get em for the collection. They are my size although I haven’t skated in them yet. That’ll be a youtube moment! But they are a without a doubt a little part of sneaker history and one of my prized pairs.

So the Nike Killshot roller skate is pair 1 of 365 and I’ll be posting up a pic of a pair a day for a year here and on Instagram so follow us @thewordonthefeet and give us some feedback!

And here’s a few bonus shots of the Killshots Roller Skates…now what shall I choose for Day Two, hmmmmmmm…

KS5  KS7KS8  KS9

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