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Reebok Classic City Series

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The UK pub classic is getting a premium makeover in 2013…

A shoe renowned for being a pub classic or worn with some blue Armani jeans and a Stone Island jacket on football terraces all across the UK has being going premium in 2013. As part of Reebok commemorating 30 years of the Reebok classic we are only halfway through 2013 and we have already seen a number of top drawer makeups.

Most definitely a part of sneaker history and a part of UK culture from Drum and Bass raves to FA Cup Finals it is most definitely about time that the beloved Reebok classic had some slick makeovers.

I remember buying a pair one weekend that had a see through sole I was blown away! But that’s nothing compared to the collabs we’ve seen thus far from the likes of sneaker big hitters Solebox, Mita and Burn Rubber.

Not quite sure what happened to Stash’s relationship with Nike but he’s back with his signature Royal blue to curate the Reebok Classic city series. Hauling in a bunch of graffeurs and artists the pack will also feature designs from Wane (New York), Swifty (London), Da Flow (Mexico City), Rimo (Tokyo), EKLIPS (Los Angeles), Rae Martini (Milan), Sicksystems (Moscow), POSE (Chicago), Totem (Atlanta), Tati (Miami), Mad (Philadelphia) and Monster (Paris).

I’ve seen most of the designs some look pretty sick…we may be running down the Stash pair but will some others turn out like the….remember the Adidas Artist series and how they found themselves onto the sales racks???

We’ll keep you posted on a release date.

Pics courtesy of BIG UP!

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