A pair a day

A pair a day for a year, Day Five, Nike Air Max Lebron VII


Come on the Heat!!!

Ok so what with the NBA finals being so hotly contested at the moment I thought I’d pull out a pair of Lebron 7s. Well done the Heat last night, lucky, lucky, lucky! These were actually the first pair of Lebrons that I bought. When Nike decided to overhaul King James’ signature shoe and add the 360 air Air Max technology I was sold! I thought that these were straight fire when I saw em and I just had to cop this world tour London edition.

I am not sure how much input Lebron himself has into the shoes but in a Lebron shoe there is so much attention to detail that you really respect the work that has gone into producing them, well I sure do. In the 7s the Flywire panel contains 23 wires, representing LeBron’s number when he played for the Cavaliers, and the five grooved outsoles are for the five players on the court from each team. With this World Tour pair there were exactly 1023 pairs another reference to his player number with 123 pairs released in 10 cities around the world as Lebron went on a World Tour to promote the basketball documentary More than a Game that tells the story of James’ rise to fame.

This was the pair of Lebrons that got me hooked and I’ll probably showcase a few other pairs and the 365 days goes on, and hopefully a championship winning pair!

Pair 5 of 365, Nike Air Max Lebron VII, World Tour, London Edition.



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