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New Balance 999 & 580 Elite Edition

newbalance-999-elite-edition1      newbalance-580-elite-edition1

So we take a little break from the paying homage to King James and present you with the New Balance 999 and 580, Elite Edition. I’m a big fan of 999s and I’ve got a couple of pairs that I’ve beaten to death – they are sooooo comfy! Whilst these don’t look as premium as some of the previous Elite Editions, notably the grey and red pigeon-esque makeup you just can’t go wrong with the black and red combo. I’m liking the 999s just that little bit more and love those cream pops.

Feature in Vegas has these available now with the 580s priced at $120 and the 999s at $130 no word on a UK release boooooo hoooooo!

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newbalance-999-elite-edition5       newbalance-999-elite-edition6

newbalance-580-elite-edition3       newbalance-580-elite-edition4

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