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So some of you will have seen the JUST GWAAN DO IT and the more after the watershed JUST BLOODCLAAT DO IT T-shirts around London, and in the US too in NYC and in Miami. Well this weekend sees the launch of The Word on the Feet affiliated brand Street Weird. The JUST GWAAN DO IT and the JUST BLOODCLAAT DO IT tees will be dropping synchronatikally this weekend in London and New York. Here you’ll find them at the TrendsetUK x Fresh Laces Trainer Pop-Up at the Shoreditch Boxpark on Saturday and Sunday and in New York they’ll be dropping at the Got Sole Xpo at the New York Arts Cypher in Staten Island. There has been a lot of interest in these shirts and a bit of a street buzz that has been slowly developing so good to see ’em finally dropping.

In terms of the brand there is much more to Street Weird that just 2 brash Jamaican words thrown into, a ahem, well recognised bit of t-shirt text:

For a long time we have paid into street culture, we have purchased sneakers or trainers, clothes and sports products and we have bought into the lifestyle that accompanies those products. Our pennies and pounds, dollars and cents and all the other currencies around the globe have supported the big dogs of sportswear and fashion. Ironically we own very little of that culture, none of those company stocks and shares but we are the ones that have made those companies what they are today, and as rich as they are.


We are the ones that have built the culture. These big corporations shape their products around us, around our style, our swagger and our struggle. Their creative personnel, their marketing and advertising teams literally eat from the street, from us. So it’s high time that We The People took back some of what belongs to us. This is not hating on the game but us saying that it’s time for our team to start playing. Nor is this us saying we want nothing to do with these companies, these brands, or the culture. Quite the opposite – we want our piece of it, that which is rightfully ours, our ting.


Street Weird presents clothing that looks like something that you know, but not quite. Something that has the stamp of the people on it. This weekend we will be launching our first 2 T-shirt designs simultaneously in London and New York. The font looks familiar, maybe the slogan too but no,…this is very much our ting – two white on black designs that read JUST GWAAN DO IT and JUST BLOODCLAAT DO IT. The GWAAN and the BLOODCLAAT are Jamaican words that inspire drive, determination, passion and commitment to whatever it is that you are pursuing in your life. Words that ignite fires, sometimes, often even, spoken in anger, but nevertheless words that light a fire underneath you.

Some heavy shirts and a heavy message, JUST GWAAN DO IT #reclaimtheculture

A bunch of amazing pics here from the Street Weird Crew out on the streets in New York and London so flick through and check em out.

As for the release info:

London August 24-25

TrendsetUK x Fresh Laces
Shoreditch Boxpark
Bethnal Green Rd

The Boxpark is definitely gonna be lively this carnival weekend with the TrendsetUK and Fresh Laces showcasing a number of up and coming movers and shakers in the sneaker and fashion game and there’ll be music and giveaways throughout the two days.

New York August 25

Got Sole Xpo
New Yorks Arts Cypher
Staten Island, New York

The Got Sole Xpo on the Island called Staten will be hosted by sneakerhead DJ Clark Kent and there’ll be a bunch of other DJs in the house with NYC’s Hot 97 being one of the sponsors. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of heat on feet and for sale too. Gonna be a hot one!

Numbers are limited on the shirts so get ’em quick. There’ll be a wider release TBC via ours truly The Word on the Feet. Also there’s a sick mixtape mixed by New York’s DJ Steve Austin that we heard might be getting given away with some of the shirts.

Check out DJ Steve Austin at for some heavy mixes…although the JUST GWAAN DO IT Mix might be too exclusive to have made it up on his page just yet!

All in all this release is one worth waiting for but the wait is almost over! We’re excited! STREET WEIRD!

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