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Atmos x Reebok Classic – bar raised, and up to the ankle!



Japan’s Atmos enter the arena with their 30th anniversary Reebok Classic and very simply just decide to use the Mid, ankle height version of the shoe. Simple but very effective move. They add premium leather of course but love the design touches like the way the camo runs from the toebox through to the tongue. And of course an Atmos pair would not be complete without their signature glow in the dark, all across the side panels and the back on that Jordan 4-esque mesh and on the tongue too. Finished off with the speckley midsole, these are seriously on point and shouts again to sneaker politics for some seriously amazing photos! Hit them up here and see if you can score a pair.

DSC_8627_1024x1024       Reebok_CL_Leather_Mid_R12_-_Atmos_Sneaker_Politics_5_1024x1024

Reebok_CL_Leather_Mid_R12_-_Atmos_Sneaker_Politics_10_1024x1024       Reebok_CL_Leather_Mid_R12_-_Atmos_Sneaker_Politics_9_1024x1024

Reebok_CL_Leather_Mid_R12_-_Atmos_Sneaker_Politics_3_1024x1024       Reebok_CL_Leather_Mid_R12_-_Atmos_Sneaker_Politics_6_1024x1024

Reebok_CL_Leather_Mid_R12_-_Atmos_Sneaker_Politics_11_1024x1024       Reebok_CL_Leather_Mid_R12_-_Atmos_Sneaker_Politics_12_1024x1024

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