The Word on the Feetography – calling all Sneaker Shottas!



Ok people now we have been thinking about this for a while and finally decided to get this going – The Word on the Feetography. Now there are just some simply amazing pictures being taken of sneakers and we decided that we would like to showcase these here on The Word on the Feet. So basically every 2 weeks or so we are going to be showcasing the very best Feetographs being taken by you guys and chucking a spotlight on some of the world’s most amazing photographers – you lot!

We worked out that the best way to do this is via the website and via Instagram and twitter. So either send us pics to thewordonthefeet@gmail.com or add us on Insta @thewordonthefeet and/or twitter @wordonthefeet and post up, make sure you @ us and tag us in the Feeto and add also the following hashtags so we can find the pics #thewordonthefeet #sneakershotta . We’d prefer if the pics are shoes on Feet Feetos but we’re not gonna be too strict so without Feet Feetos (can there be such a thing?) will also be accepted!

That’s it people get snapping and we’ll drop the first Word on the Feetography showcase during the first week of March!

And check out our Sneaker Love Feeto, minus of course the feet, we think it’s pretty good!

So here’s the details again:

Email: thewordonthefeet@gmail.com

IG: @thewordonthefeet
Twitter: @wordonthefeet

Hashtags: #thewordonthefeet #sneakershotta

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