Collaaaab Craaaazy…


Collaboration Craaaazy!!

Bad JuJu in the building…

So the last few years has seen a continued increase in the already popular sneaker collaborations. Whether this has been between boutiques and sneaker brands such as Footpatrol x Saucony, Patta x Nike or between designers and sneaker companies like Ricardo Tisci X Nike and Ronnie Fieg X pretty much everyone, then we have clothing brands and sneaker brands such as Diamond Supply Co or Supreme x Nike. Also to add to that we have exclusive colourways like the ones Nike and Size? were releasing with the Huaraches and Air Max 93s last year. The popularity and frequency of these releases seems to be growing rapidly still which naturally goes hand in hand with the growing popularity of sneakers and the growth of the sneaker community in general I guess.


Now as a result there have been some great concepts that have come out of these collaborations and some dope colourways being released too and very often better quality materials than what we see on a lot of the so-called “quickstrikes” that the big brands are releasing. There are also some not so good collaborations and some that seem to lack some originality and creativity some kinda here and there and some completely awful ones.

Anyway the point I want to get to is going back some years now collaborations to me personally always used to feel kind of special in some way, something extra special but recently though I personally have just found that the bombardment of what is often weekly drops has kind of made the collaboration lose it’s very very specialness to me. Maybe I’m on my own on this one and maybe I’m just an old trainer/sneakerhead ranting. So hush up Bad JuJu!


Whatever your feelings on the matter I don’t see there being anything but continued growth for now and as I previously mentioned there are some really dope kicks to come out of some of these collaborations so I’m certainly not hoping they’ll stop doing it all together, just giving you something to maybe chew the fat over.

Is it too much for YOU?

Let us know what you think, hit us up here on the Insta @thewordonthefeet or hit me up @badjuju1

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