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Nike Tiempo x Materazzi – a classic gets a classic makeover.

Tiempo_Group_Pack_tongue-1233_large       Tiempo_Group_Pack_no_tongue-1233_large

Inter Jordans.

With every makeup we are loving the Tiempo ’94 more and more and these classic Jordan colourways are really sick. Materazzi has made these work and yes so often the simplest ideas are the best….remember the Mambacurials? Materazzi here applies three classic Jordan colourways in fine Milano style. Those Breds go very hard.

The footballer has made no secret of his love for the Jays, with his Jordan tats, his own number 23 on his shirt and the name of his Milan sneaker store, all paying homage to the GOAT. And here the nice twist is that these classic MJ colourways  simultaneously honour the city that shaped him, the colours of Inter, the team he is most known for representing, their biggest rivals, and the city that made him who he is.

This Tiempo series will be available on and at Materazziʼs store, Space23, on Feb 23, and at select Nike Sportswear retailers globally on March 1.

Red_Pair_large       Red_Profile_large

Blue_Profile_no_tongue_large       Blue_Pair_no_tongue_large

White_Profile_no_tongue_large       White_Profile_large

Red_Detail_large       Blue_Detail_large

White_Pair_large       materazzi-lead_large

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