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Nike Zoom Flight The Glove – another YES PLEAAAAASE!

nike glove black white 1       nike glove white black 2

Another YES PLEASE. Ok this is my second YES PLEASE of the day and even though it’s baking outside I can’t wait for the gloves to arrive. There’s so many pics of Gary Payton’s signature shoe floating around on the Interweb I just want these to release already. Here we see a BRED make up and a white black green switch up. These look so mean I’m gonna be copping a few colourways of The Glove. Just everything about this shoe even in 2013 is so killer. Seriously ahead of its time.

nike glove white black 1        nike glove white black 4

nike glove white black 3        nike glove black white 2

nike glove black white 3        nike glove black white 4

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