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Barefoot running or ankle breakers? Nike Free Flyknit – Officially Unveiled

nike-free-flyknit-officially-unveiled-1       nike-free-flyknit-officially-unveiled-900x637

“It creates a symbiotic relationship between your body and the footwear.”

Runners can now reap the benefits of natural motion found in Nike Free and the supportive, second-skin fit of Nike Flyknit in a single shoe. The Nike Free Flyknit unites two of Nike’s most innovative and popular technologies to deliver barefoot-like flexibility and a compression fit that locks the foot in place.

The Nike Free Flyknit is designed to flex with the foot in motion. It is informed by Nike’s “Nature Amplified” design ethos — an approach fueled by scientific data and athlete insights.

nike-free-flyknit-officially-unveiled-02       nike-free-flyknit-officially-unveiled-08

So time for some tech up in here. Yesterday Nike officially unveiled the Nike Free Flynit very much a sock come running shoe. I love the Flyknit technology and the knitted designs are just looking better and better. The marrying of Flyknit with the Free sole hopes to strip away the shoe when running and create the closest to a barefoot running experience. Will it work? Now that is the question. I am sure there are those that will love the idea of running in these and the feeling of freedom this shoe will offer and I am sure there are those that will enjoy just rocking these around town or chilling sur la plage in a pair. But a question that could also be asked is that as running shoe manufacturers strip away the running shoe more and more in the pursuit of providing the closest thing to a barefoot running experience….why not just run barefoot? And in the process save yourself some money – just a thought.

In addition I am sure that serious runners who are not looking for the barefoot experience but for a shoe that provides support, cushioning, and traction and may feel that all of that is necessary when racking up the miles. These same runners might criticise Nike’s latest hi-tech offering as offering none of the above and potentially being a shoe that could cause injury.

I think we need to get a pair on. There is no doubt they look damn good and I am sure they are super comfy as the Flyknits sans Free sole that have gone before. And you have to give it to Nike for pushing the boundaries of technology and for continuing to innovate. Maybe they’re more rockers than runners?

We’ll soon find out – these will release at the beginning of August.

nike-free-flyknit-officially-unveiled-03       nike-free-flyknit-officially-unveiled-06

nike-free-flyknit-officially-unveiled-05       nike-free-flyknit-officially-unveiled-10

nike-free-flyknit-officially-unveiled-04       nike-free-flyknit-officially-unveiled-09


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