A pair a day

A pair a day for a year, pair 14, Gourmet Quadici Yellow


It’s all yellow…

Ok so I am a huge Gourmet fan and I was blown away when they came onto the scene with the Quadici and copped a pair in black with the white sole straight away. They definitely changed the game with the Quadici and have been doing so for while now with their shoes. Just love how they took the duck boot silhouette and hit it with an almost Nike Cortez sole and the air bubble. Real creative thinking. So nuff props to the folks at Gourmet.  Since then I’ve picked up a bunch of Quadicis and a load of other pairs too. I have fond memories of getting this colourway that as far as I know was never released from a Gourmet sample sale. A good friend and I hit a sample sale in London and came out with a massive cardboard box with about 20 pairs in it!

If you don’t have a pair of Gourmets in your collection quite frankly I think you should. Check ’em out here:


Had some fun with the shoot again – yello is always on my palette.

Pair 14 of 365, Gourmet Quadici Yellow.




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