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CORKED – Puma Disc Blaze Cork Pack

wordonthefeet_Puma_Disc_Blaze_Cork_2014_2   wordonthefeet_Puma_Disc_Blaze_Cork_2014_1   wordonthefeet_Puma_Disc_Blaze_Cork_2014_3

Corked up!

The Puma Disc Blaze is a classic and most definitely a personal favourite of mine, I’ve got a few OG pairs in stock that haven’t touched the tarmac yet. Here we see some previews of an ill cork makeup that looks really darn good. Looks like a real premium makeup with a pair in black, brown and mahogany in lush buttery leather perforated on the toebox. But that cork strap is just killer. Add to that pops in my favourite colour yellow and these are the biznizz. Ok the Lebrons did it first but still whoever thought to put the cork on one of Puma’s classics should be getting a pay rise. They look like releasing some time in 2014. Cannot Wait.

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