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Palace Skateboards x Reebok Classic and Workout Low

palace-reebok-palace-leather-black-1       palace-reebok-palace-leather-royal-white-red-1

palace-reebok-classics-workout-black-1       palace-reebok-classics-workout-white-1

Classics coming home.

Palace Skateboards bring the Reebok Classic and the Workout Low home to the UK in fine style but also take a little risk because whilst the Reebok Classic is most definitely a UK shoe icon it’s not a shoe that is usually associated with skating. But what the hell forget all that they’ve brought the shoe back to its spiritual home on its 30th anniversary and have entered the sneaker collab arena in a year that has seen the likes of Solebox, Mita, Burn Rubber and others put out premium versions of the Reebok classic. The Palace crew also add the Workout Low to the pack, another pub and street classic and they keep it simple but full of quality with all four makeups. The leather of these looks awesome and the red, white and blue classic is really classic with that white mesh that looks almost like Nike’s Engineered Mesh. With 2 stealth and 2 brighter versions to choose from for football match by day and pub by night you can take your pick or pick more than 1 pair. Adding gum soles on the blacks and nice logo placement on the tongues, heel and the insoles – job well done. End is counting these down right now and at a very reasonable 85 squids each pair I think these are gonna be gone quick.

palace-reebok-palace-leather-black-2       palace-reebok-palace-leather-royal-white-red-2

palace-reebok-classics-workout-black-2       palace-reebok-classics-workout-white-2

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