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The Sneaker Backpack is sick! Herschel Supply Co x New Balance

herschel-supply-co-x-new-balance-2013-fall-collection-6   herschel-supply-co-x-new-balance-2013-fall-collection-8   herschel-supply-co-x-new-balance-2013-fall-collection-7

The sneaker sack.

Ok now I know that Herschel have collaborated with NB before and before they did so I loved the Novel Duffel Bag that had the sneaker compartment and now they have just straight up killed it by slamming a sneaker compartment into a backpack, so so so sick. They really killed it with that sneaker compartment and lined in blood and crips paisley and these look tough too made from nylon ripstop with suede touches. I’m definitely copping one of those for sure. And I’m feeling it so much I had to post another pic here – sickness!


Erm I’ll calm down now and get on to the shoes they’ve chosen the 420 (weed reference?) and the H710 hiking boot and these look really good quality as the crew from Herschel combine form and function here mirroring the backpacks with a blend of suede, ripstop nylon and some 3m touches and the bloods and crips paisley linings to finish ’em off.

herschel-supply-co-x-new-balance-2013-fall-collection-5       herschel-supply-co-x-new-balance-2013-fall-collection-4

herschel-supply-co-x-new-balance-2013-fall-collection-3       herschel-supply-co-x-new-balance-2013-fall-collection-2

herschel-supply-co-x-new-balance-2013-fall-collection-1       herschel-supply-co-x-new-balance-2013-fall-collection-MED

Damn the backpack is the sickness, seriously. So yes I posted it again with the kicks!

Dropping this Autumn.

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