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Badass Adidas Mutombo Pre Order – Ends August 19th

adidas-mutombo-exclusive-online-presale-6       adidas-mutombo-exclusive-online-presale-5


Ok we all now the Adidas retro game is definitely tun up and these are looking better and better with every set of pics that comes out. And Adidas showing love to the heads have put these 1993 classics out for pre-order and check the price point too – only $105, come on Jordan Brand and Nike. This is what it’s all about a damn good retro at a damn good price. Let’s hope we get the equivalent of that price in the UK. Looks like only the lucky lucky yanks get the pre-order pleasure – hook ups please! Pre order here.

adidas-mutombo-exclusive-online-presale-2       adidas-mutombo-exclusive-online-presale-1

adidas-mutombo-exclusive-online-presale-3       adidas-mutombo-exclusive-online-presale-4

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