A pair a day

A pair a day for a year, Day Two, Nike Huarache Plus


Ok I’m not saying a lot about these but these were truly a grail for me. I love these shoes. I remember one of my best friends who had a pair of these and I was always like whoah those are crazy. Released way back in 1993 for me this shoe had some of the finest Nike tech touches on a shoe at the time from the Huarache sock with that green Spider Man-esque pattern to the crossover strap, these were always bangers for me. So I hunted and hunted  – I once saw a pair when Sports and Things was closing down but they were battered and the leather was crumbling. But then I found this pair on ebay from a US seller – we had a little beef because he tried to overcharge me badly on the postage after I paid top dollar for the shoes but we worked it out and when they arrived……whoah I was so happy to have landed a pair.

There was some midsole breakaway but I fixed that down at my local shoe repair place and now they’re all good. And comfy as hell. Love these to bits.

Pair 2 of 365, Nike Huarache Plus.



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