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Nike Air Trainer I and Air Trainer II QS – Double OG Style

Nike-Air-Trainer-Pack-OG-Air-Max-Pack-07       Nike-Air-Trainer-Pack-OG-Air-Max-Pack-02


Ok again we will always argue that simplicity works and great idea here to hit the classic Air Trainer I with the infrared colourway just works really really well. But the Air Trainer II in the OG BW colourway are straight sickness and we want these really badly. They are just straight dope, love that satin shinyness on the toebox and those speckle are a nice touch. We don’t think there’s been a hotter makeup on the Air trainer II since those Supreme ones…..back when Supreme did more than just bang 3 letters on a shoe. These are out now and are needed! Persian goodness!

Nike-Air-Trainer-Pack-OG-Air-Max-Pack-09       Nike-Air-Trainer-Pack-OG-Air-Max-Pack-04

Nike-Air-Trainer-Pack-OG-Air-Max-Pack-11       Nike-Air-Trainer-Pack-OG-Air-Max-Pack-05

Nike-Air-Trainer-Pack-OG-Air-Max-Pack-08       Nike-Air-Trainer-Pack-OG-Air-Max-Pack-03

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