Feeture – For the Love of Jordans – The Crew with the Jordan Song


For part three of our Feeture For the Love of Jordans we met up with Si Phili and Iron Braydz – the UK rap duo behind the Jordan based Rap song Rocking Them Jays, the first track off of their Sneakerttack EP. A real banger of a tune that is flying around the airwaves and the internet right now. Here’s what they had to say about the track and their love of the Michael Jordan signature shoe.

TWOTF: For those out there that don’t know you two tell us a bit about yourselves.

Si Phili: People out there might remember me as part of the group Phi Life Cypher. I’ve been in the UK Hip Hop game for a while know and known as being an outspoken rapper, my raps being somewhat of a social commentary on what life is like here in the UK. Real true underground rap.

Iron Braydz: Been in the game for a while too and very similar in style to Si in terms of what my songs are about – real life, the struggle of life here in the UK. And real raw underground rap just like Si.


TWOTF: So tell us about your love for Jordans.

Si Phili: I’ve been into Jordans for a long time, probably from when the IVs came out and I actually had an original pair in the fire red colourway. I’ve always had a thing for Jordans from an early age and that love has just continued from there until now.

Iron Braydz: I probably got into my Js a bit later that Si, not saying he’s older than me or nothing like that, he’s still a young guy! But nah I’ve definitely been into Jordans for a minute and way before everyone started jumping on the Jordan Bandwagon.

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