Feeture – For the Love of Jordans – The Crew with the Jordan Song

TWOTF: So what’s your favourite pair?

Si Phili: My favourite pair right now is the Jordan IV Fear Pack.

Iron Braydz: Without a doubt the Bred XIs.

image_3       image

TWOTF: What’s the Holy Grail for you?

Si Phili: I badly want to get my hands on the Tokyo Vs and the Undefeated IVs.

Iron Braydz: The Doernbechers have eluded me thus far would love to get my hands on the Vs or the IVs.

TWOTF: So how did you guys get together to make Rocking Them Jays?

Si Phili: We knew each other for while from the music scene and then we bumped into each other outside a Jordan campout at Niketown in London and realised that not only did we share our love for Hip Hop Music that we also shared a love for Jordans.

Iron Braydz: So what with us both being rappers at some point we just said that we have to do a tune about Jordans and finally we’ve got it done!

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