Feeture – For the Love of Jordans – The Crew with the Jordan Song

TWOTF: So what’s the concept behind Sneakerrtack?

Si Phili: It’s a 4 track EP featuring myself, Braydz and others all about our love for kicks and the sneaker culture and we’re kicking it off with Rocking Them Jays.

TWOTF: People might say how comes you guys drop all these socially conscious tunes and then you’re doing a song about Jordans.

Si Phili: Well the Js are connected to Hip Hop culture there is no disputing that you can’t get away from it. And despite the changes in fashion Hip Hop has also always been about being fresh in fresh clothes and kicks. For Braydz and me being fresh when we’re up on the set is about having a fresh pair of Js on foot. So this song is a celebration of the Jordan shoe but also pays homage to us and the people that rock the shoe, people down here at ground level, on the frontline. We the people!

image_2       image_1

TWOTF: Where can we hear it?

Si Phili: Rocking them Jays is out now on the net and the video is gonna be coming real soon as is the rest of the EP and let’s just say the whole EP, the videos and the concept it’s gonna be crazy so watch this space.

Shouts to Si Phili and Iron Braydz for speaking to us and check out Rocking Them Jays below. Also hit up the FBs /siphili and /HollaATBraydzand and the IGs at @si_phili and @ironbraydz

Shouts go out to Leafdog on production with Scratch work from Juliano for Recordkings. And shouts to @divineukfor the Sneakerrtack logo!

Or click here to go to the Soundcloud page.

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