The King’s Comments…Keep Calm I’m a Sneakerhead!


It’s All Good Baby Baby!!! Or is it???

HA!!! The King is back in the Word on the feet building a bit late but better late than never…apologies for the lack of comments last week, the good people at the Word on the Feet were having a bunch of technical problems for most of last week. But I am well and truly back by popular or unpopular demand LOL!

So so so I am gonna talk about something that may ruffle some feathers but you know the KING don’t care!! Anyway is it just me or everyone is a Sneakerhead now? My girl Snkrlicous said something like this on one of my posts this week and it got me thinking???


Is 2014 really the year of the horse or is it the year of the “Sneakerhead” ? Well let’s look at this… first of all what makes a Sneaker head? Someone who has a 100+ pairs of trainers? Or someone who knows about trainers? Or someone who buys every new release and has an “Exclusive” only trainer collection? Well to be honest with you guys it’s really hard to define… Because now everyone is… you have grans and granddads wearing huaraches ( I have no problem with this my Dad is in his seventies and he has a few Jordans LOL).

I personally think a Sneakerhead is anyone who has a REAL clear passion for kicks not money or a huge collection just a valid, real passion. But I guess now everyone says they have a passion and everyone is a collector? SMH its kool though!

And is it just me but there seems to be the emergence of an elite Trainer Society in the UK people who ain’t used a penny of their own money to really buy kicks and have amassed a huge collection in the last 18 months (yes months not years) and have become sneaker/trainer “Know-It Alls”.


The King does not mind when I am corrected on a post I really welcome it TBH but I feel like Kanye sometimes when people try and tell me about a trainer I was rocking before they were even born that’s the ishhhh I don’t like!!! KMT LOL NO you aint got the answers!

But fair is fair I feel that from a business perspective the trainer companies and shops must be rubbing their hands hard!! I am to, too TBH ’cause my following is going through the roof!! LOOOL!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the emergence of “Trainer Culture” has made things better or worse? Do you like what’s happening or do you hate it?? Let me know don’t be afraid to comment how ya feel?

There I give you the Seed let it grow and let the King know!

Peace & Retweets

King Of Trainers

Until we meet again!

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