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Saucony Shadow 5000 x West NYC from Tequila Sunrise to Cabin Fever

West-NYC-Cabin-Fever-Saucony-Shadow-5000-4       West-NYC-Cabin-Fever-Saucony-Shadow-5000-1


After the amazing Tequila Sunrise makeup on the Saucony Shadow 5000 earlier this year West NYC show that they are becoming real heavyweights in the collab game as they get ready to serve us up this ready for the wilds of winter Shadow 5000, aptly named Cabin Fever. These are definitely ready for the winter months and unlike their Tequila flavoured summer sneaker brother these are winterised with premium leather and suede throughout, rear West NYC branding that’s becoming quite familiar, and a healthy dose of blood splattering on the midsole. These are gonna be a problem…..and a problem to get a hold of I’m sure. Dropping Saturday at West in la Grande Pomme, no word on a global release as yet.

West-NYC-Cabin-Fever-Saucony-Shadow-5000-3       West-NYC-Cabin-Fever-Saucony-Shadow-5000

West-NYC-Cabin-Fever-Saucony-Shadow-5000-7       West-NYC-Cabin-Fever-Saucony-Shadow-5000-6

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