The King’s Comments – All Hail The Original King of Trainers!

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The King is here!

We are very proud to introduce the one and only ORIGINAL ORIGINAL (General Levi voice) King of Trainers to The Word on the Feet. Today we will be publishing the first of a regular weekly column from the King and after that you can catch The King’s Comments dropping every Monday around midday and just so you know he’s informed us that as the King he’ll be talking about whatever the hell he feels like! We are very blessed to have him here and we will be looking forward to The King’s Comments every Monday, so without further ado and because this is the King’s column and not ours……allow us to….


Loool ok ok enough with the Jay Z Quotable!!! My name is FAB aka The King Of Trainers aka The Trainer ambassador aka Bow Down B!TCH. LOOL

IM IN THE Word On The Feet Building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOW and this building is NICE it’s a place where the King can freely express himself about the UK Trainer Scene and be amongst good people!! I want to say thank you to Max and the Word On The Feet and Street Weird Team for having me and you can catch me here each and every Monday giving my comments on whatever I feel to comment on!!

OK lets get into it!!


Ok ok if you don’t know the KING is an old man I ain’t young like you new school Trainer/Sneakerheads so I have seen the evolution of this here UK Trainer scene and I like what’s happening now everyone is coming together for the love of the Culture of Trainers it’s a GOOD THING!! But in the last couple of years since the emergence and popularity of the Trainer Scene there seems to be some sort of Umm…. How do I say… Apartheid?? No that’s too deep… Cold War?? Na that ain’t it? I would just say the UK is not a real United Kingdom when it comes to the sneaker scene!!

I’ve been around the world and I’ve travelled a lot to the States and I have seen how everyone supports each other in their ventures and really celebrates everyone and everything!! I mean I’ve been the King Of Trainers for a long time (Yes Before JD Sports called themselves this.. Thats why I own all the online and social media but that’s for another blog post) What I am trying to say is I have seen that in the UK everyone wants to be that ‘GUY’ that one person or company that everyone looks up to and there can only be 1??? I get it I get it but what I don’t get is we think the Trainer Scene in the UK is Big??? well sorry to burst your bubble UK guys we should be A LOT bigger and the only way this is going to happen is with efforts like what I am doing right now blogging on another UK based  website… THIS my friends is called support and U…N…I…T…Y ( Queen Latifah voice)


This is it why in the UK we haven’t got a one guy who can draw hype to a Trainer like Ronnie Fieg, or one Trainer website that has over 200,000 followers on Instagram like Sneaker News or Nice kicks or even a Customizer who has over 100,000 followers like Mache ??? This is because I am sorry to say in the UK we are way too snobbish and need to get off our high horses and get stuck in and work with each other.

The funny thing is people are gonna say oh but you are the King everyone supports you etc … But that is because I am willing to support everyone else. How is it that I have created the 1st UK online Trainer show and the powers that be ignore it or don’t even say “Good Job” or “Well Done” or even say lets help you!! I ain’t asking for no helping hand with anything all I am saying is why is it so difficult for the UK to simply say “Nice One”!!


I am fortunate to be in a position where I am doing my thing and if someone supports what I am doing its a bonus but I mean some of the ‘BIG’ trainer movements/brands/ shops etc really need to take a look in the mirror and work out how we are gonna grow this scene that we love and cherish ?? Well the answer is JUST BLOODCLAAAT WORK TOGETHER AND CREATE something bigger all egos aside just sit down and figure it out!!

If you read this and feel little bit a way about what I am saying… then if the shoe fits my friend… WEAR IT!!! Think about this!!

Peace and Retweets

Until the next time
#FollowTheThrone @KingOfTrainers

Photograph 2 courtesy of Trapped Magazine.

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