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26th March 2014…Air Max Day is almost here!


27 years ago this Wednesday arguably the most iconic shoe of all time was born the Nike Air Max 1. Still Nike’s best ever shoe??? HELL YES!!! This Wednesday March 26th the original max drops in a special OG colourway but with the volt midsole. Of course we always like to question things here at the Word on the Feet and we were like hmmmm 27 years not so much of an iconic birthday, but maybe the marketing crew at Nike figure that the sneaker hype will have died down in 3 years time…and if it hasn’t they can just do something else for the 30th anniversary anyways. We’ll leave that one with ya. Either way this pair is definitely collection-worthy, despite what the purists might say. These will be available on and other select retailers. Good luck with the cop!



AM1 Air Max Day        nike-air-max-1-day-6

Air-Max-3.26-AIRBUBBLE        Air-Max-3.26-SOLECLOSEUP



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