The King’s Comments…Gassed…


Blame God?

Who do you blame?

So the King is here again it was a Bank Holiday and you know the King had to have a day off… Well you’re wrong you know the King works all year round even Bank Holidays so the King was at the Trainerholic annual Kicks And Klothes event part of Sadlers Wells Breakin’ Convention #ParkJam which was mad –  live HipHop, Food, Friends… And I want to take this opportunity to say a Big Thank You to The Word On The Feet Family for coming down in full force and representing haaaard!! Respect guys!! 👏👏👏

Ok so it’s Wednesday the 30th of April 2014 the time is around… er ok I forgot but I posted a picture of the white Huaraches which were dropping the next day 1st May 2014, I had only 300+ likes and 66 comments ( not including 100 plus calls and text’s lol) most people asking where could they get them, what size etc, I tried my best to answer saying everywhere,… everywhere people asked? I replied with YES every main trainer shop should have them because they are a general release? Ok so for all you guys who don’t know a GR or General Release trainer is a trainer that is released everywhere and there are loads of pairs, right?. Well this seemed to be a GR every shop did have them, but, not a lot of pairs which I figured would happen… Ok so come the morning of Thursday 1st May 2014… And there is complete and utter pandemonium the white Huaraches sold out in every shop and online store within a couple hours… Huh?

So fast forward to Saturday 3rd May 2014 and the same thing happened again “sold out” everywhere…😓

Also in the same week END clothing dropped the Saucony Shadow 5000 Burger🍔 now that was special it wasn’t a GR, so you know they’d  sell out?? Which they did?

Anyway so I heard that a young man bought a pair of white Huaraches outside a shop ( let me not say where ahem) for £180? I heard this story it could be a rumour or it could be true. Also with the 11 Lows and the Sauconys people were selling them on eBay for mad money and “apparently” there were more than enough takers?

image        image_1

Anyway this brings me on to my all Important question? Who do you blame? Do you blame the person selling the Trainer? Or Do you blame the person buying?

My opinion is this… if someone buys a pair of Trainers they can sell it for whatever they want and if they actually get the money then good make that paper!! I don’t really care that much about people reselling and making a profit. It’s not stopping the King from living in any way.

However if someone is willing to pay over the odds for a General Release Trainer that dropped on the same day? Then who is the fool?  Let me know?

The Trainer market has got so serious that popular GR trainers get released and sell out same day!! I say it’s like trading it’s a sellers market and buyers market! Can you really blame someone for making money? I know people take the piss but can you blame them?

If someone offers to pay stupid money for a GR Trainer or a limited collaboration like the silly amounts of bids for some of the End Sauconys then you can’t get mad at the seller right?

I know people take the piss and buy up 10 pairs and resell them but it goes to show you got to work a lot smarter in securing your pair! The King has reached that point in my life where I don’t really mind if I miss out on a particular trainer and I don’t blame anyone but myself if I don’t get a pair I want it just means I ain’t working hard enough and that’s the truth.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject I know people have mixed opinions leave your comments below!!

The latest current bit on a pair of Burgers is around 6K??? I dunno?


Keep it Kinging

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