The King’s Comments…The Gold Rush!


The Gold Rush!!!


Ok so the King’s comments are a little different this week I want to discuss what is happening now in the UK Sneaker Scene, is it just me that has noticed the value of UK trainers game has gone through the roof recently and everyone is rushing to do something in the scene like there’s gold here.. (And I AM a gold investor but that’s for a business blog) Anyway the King’s problem is, or should I say it’s not really a problem it’s kind of like some advice, because I get probably 10 requests a day for shout outs for sneaker brands all over the country and I feel everyone needs to try a little harder before they holla at the King. The profile picture is normally a pair of nice kicks and they have posted some kool pictures but I don’t see a business model. Sometimes I wonder if there is a business model and I don’t want anyone to catch feelings but it has to be said and I hope people read this and take note if they really wanna progress in this trainer scene or should I say this is the…

10 Sneaker Game Commandments…

1. Rule Numero-Uno – Never let no one know how much… Er wrong top 10 lol.. Ok let’s get into it before you think of a name decide whether this is a real passion and not just a fad.

2. Once you have decided that you are going to take this seriously decide what area of the trainer game you want to enter and are you going to sell a product? Or inform? Be a blog or be a middle man or a bit of both?

3. Once you have decided the area you are going to enter chose a good and catchy name, I mean not everyone can be the King that’s gone even JD Sports know that lol.. Na all jokes aside chose a name that no one else has got but everyone will remember. And register everything… everything? Yes Everything!! Your Brand should be bigger than just Instagram? Oh yeah register your web domain too, and trademark if you have the cash but its not essential in the beginning.

4. Once you have registered everything,… think of a strategy don’t just be like hey I’m jumping on Instagram and gonna start posting. You need to think on what social media your actually gonna do the majority of your posts and are you gonna post more info than images or be more educational or entertainment. For example I do a little bit of everything and I have been told my Instagram page is one of the more entertaining and informative sneaker pages… Thank You, Thank You, You Are Far Too Kind.

King Logo BW

5. Also very importantly… Where is the Money? And if you are doing it for the love that is cool there is nothing wrong with that and if your doing it for the money that is ok too, I for one definitely ain’t mad at people making money . But whatever you decide make sure you are clear and know where and how you are going to get it. The King has a crazy revenue stream coming soon but you are just gonna have to wait for that.

6. Brand Yourself… This for me should have been number one but there are steps… Anyway please please look at branding seriously, what does your brand represent, what are your selling what does your brand say? You need a logo this can be a text logo just your name written or you can knock something up pretty quickly I think they have apps for it now.

7. Once your logo has been designed and your brand has been thought out properly brand all your social media avenues, this is very important as your branding can make you or break you.

8. Decide whether you need a website from the gate, or whether your website can direct to one of your social media channels. My advice is if you are selling something you need a website.

9. Start your campaign and make your content different and interesting, if you are selling something tell us what you are selling and make it clear and why should we buy it, if you are informing people, how are you different are you why should people follow you on social media and why should they buy into your brand.

10. Once you have done all the above follow and then call the King and ask for a shout out I will look at all your pointers and if I feel you have the passion the King will help you! The King Wants Eveyone to WIN!!!

Hope you enjoyed the Top 10 road to success, and things to make your brand better, I hope you are all in to for the long haul as success is a marathon not a sprint I’ve been the King and had the brand for over 20 years and its only now that I really started to push it! So you have to understand success is a Journey not a destination!


Keep It Kinging

PS: For those of you who don’t know my actual company is a social media management and business mentoring company, I do talks and seminars and get paid for business plans and advice (plus I do other things) so I think I know what I am talking about but please feel free to let me know your thoughts?





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