Nike Air Max 1 Women’s Zoo Pack


Whoah Nike isn’t playing around with the small foot fire and dropping this week is this sick AM1 women’s Zoo pack. Three Air Max 1s in leopard, tiger and zebra. Nothing much to say other than these are banging and the small footed crew are very lucky, let’s hope they go up to a UK9.

These drop at Nike retailers this Thursday Oct 15.

Don’t forget also that it’s a wrap for the pony hair options on Nike ID this week so you better get your designs in there quick!

nike-air-max-1-zoo-leopard-780x550 nike-air-max-1-zoo-leopard-1 nike-air-max-1-zoo-leopard-2 nike-air-max-1-zoo-leopard-3 nike-air-max-1-zoo-tigre-3 nike-air-max-1-zoo-tigre nike-air-max-1-zoo-tigre-1 nike-air-max-1-zoo-tigre-2 nike-air-max-1-zoo-zebre nike-air-max-1-zoo-zebre-2 nike-air-max-1-zoo-zebre-1 nike-air-max-1-zoo-zebre-3

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