Nike Risk Your Sole…all eyes on Team Icon ’87!



It’s about to go down people and the stakes are very high. Nike presents Risk Your Sole.

Risk Your Sole sees 8 hard hitting teams from the sneakerhead community and the sneaker industry go head-to-head in a high stakes battle of football & sneakers. The risk? Putting their prized collections – and their pride – on the line.

So how’s it work? Well it all kicks off online TONIGHT, the 8 competing teams will take each other on in a digital sneaker battle – submitting their best sneaker line ups for public vote. And votes count here people as the losing teams in terms of votes will have to give up some of their most prized sneaker heat.

Then at the Phenomenal House the contest will come to a tense conclusion as the teams finally meet in a 5-a-side tournament. So as you can see it’s gonna be real sticky!

Now there are some heavy hitters the likes of Footpatrol and Slammin’ Kicks but we are placing our support firmly with the Icon ’87 team for those of you that know this crew own some of the UK and Global sneaker heat, for those that don’t you’re gonna get the chance to see really rare footage once the online sneaker battle begins TONIGHT. So yes we’re a little biased sooooooo if you’re gonna RISK YOUR VOTE….risk it for the Icon ’87 crew STRAIGHT UP! And to give you a little taste of what you might see hit up their Instagram pages @solelove1 @kambition @vanwilljamz @kaveire @niranjela

Don’t forget you don’t need an invite to take advantage of all that Phenomenal House has to offer throughout the week but you will need to register for a place to check out the five-a-side Risk Your Sole Tournament on May 28th so head over to NIKE and register.



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