The King’s Comments…let the BEEF cease!


So the King is back in the world on the feet building!!

And I have to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your continued support with everything the King has been doing to grow the UK scene and all the work I’ve been putting in over this past year I am very very grateful. You see this Trainer Scene means alot to me and I decided that I will make a stand and put myself up as the King to really show that we do have ambassadors of the scene in the UK cause in my opinion we tend to look abroad etc as the leaders and influencers of our scene. So thank you from the bottom of the Kings heart that the few of you have seen that I do not wear the crown to stunt or anything like that, but I wear the crown to show you that you can too in whatever you believe in.

Anyway it has come to the Kings attention that there is not Peace in the Kingdom and don’t worry I ain’t going to put anyone on blast or anything like that. And I ain’t saying everyone has to be friends, hell I know everyone ain’t going to like me either but you gotta respect the work ethic? But lets address this question 1st… why would you have a problem with what I do? Umm is it the Crown? Is it ’cause I post the latest Kicks? Or is it ’cause I support the scene and never turn my back on anyone who asks for help? Or did I stop you from eating today? Huh? Come on what is it? Let the King know, furthermore here is my number 07838134 FAB lol Call The King!! – Nah all jokes aside people really have to take this Trainer Scene easy or you gonna wind up and give yourself a heart attack!! Breathe!!

Lets move on… The King has also noticed that their has been a few fights in the Kingdom? What part of the game is that? Everyone just chill its only trainers guys come on why so much fighting!! Ok so who lost money or who is making money out of this fighting huh? Cause unless you are Floyd I don’t see anyone making 150 million from a feud over trainers? Ok I may be exaggerating but lets keep the peace guys everyone just take it easy there is no need to fight over trainers etc.

I mean put it this way the only other time I saw fights over Trainers is when the 28s used to jack people for their kicks and Raiders Jackets in Brixton. And most of you will not even know what I am talking about but that was REAL Yo! (Insert American Accent Here) Now that was serious and we really don’t want to see that ever happen again in the UK so I am saying STOP! There is enough for everyone that’s it.

Sorry to turn my post into a rant but I gotta address whats going on all this feuding and fighting has to stop or this UK scene ain’t going to grow at all. Oh I see now why we always look to these US guys… Wanna know the reason?… Cause they ain’t feuding especially in the trainer scene they are working together and getting things done.

Here’s something for everyone to watch:



Keep It Kinging!!

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