Nike Air Max 1 Lunar x Palestine Charity Auction **UPDATE**


**AUCTION INFO UPDATE** The auction info has been updated below and is now happening via Ebay. See below.

As you know there has been much suffering in the recent conflict and the Palestinian town of Gaza has been heavily hit during the conflict. We will not go into great detail as you only have to read the news or switch on one of the news channels for information about the conflict. It is one that has seen the town of Gaza heavily bombarded by Israeli air strikes. Those strikes have led to thousands of homes being destroyed, injury, death and significant destruction of the infrastructure.

The local support groups and international aid organisations are struggling to support the people that have been affected in the region.

On that note we would like you to support an amazing initiative by someone that we came across via the wonders of social media Ghulam Khadki. Ghulam will be having an auction for these amazing Nike Air Max 1 Lunar customised by Foesone. 100%  of the money raised will go to the Ummah Welfare Trust who will use the money raised to directly fund their relief operation on the ground in Gaza. These are definitely a one-off, check out the amazing pics below! And there’s nothing like rocking some serious heat whilst doing something for what is a very worthy cause. There are also a bunch of other goodies that have been donated including t-shirts, laces, a shoe crate so this is a really great auction for a really great prize.

It’s gonna be kicking off THIS FRIDAY AUGUST 15th and the details of the auction are below:

The shoes are a size UK 8, US 9.


The auction is now happening via Ebay so JUST CLICK HERE and will be running until August 24th.

If you live in the North West of England Ghulam will deliver everything to you personally, if not it will all be sent by recorded delivery service.

That’s it people! We’re definitely gonna try our luck and see if we can grab this amazing pair for an amazing cause so get on it and support the relief effort! Please follow Ghulam on Instagram and Twitter @goolamb and feel free to repost about the auction, when you do please add hashtag #PalestineAM1Auction .

For those reposting via social media the Ebay item number is 281415642532









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