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Air Jordan 11 Legend Blues 500,000 pairs sold in the US.

11 Cash

That’s right half a million pairs were sold on release day in the US alone. We reckon that makes these a super UN-limited release hehehe but still one sought after by half a million consumers in the US alone, if you add the rest of the world to that it is just crazy!

According to Matthew Kish these half a million Jordan 11s sold in the US in approximately three hours on release day December 20th.

Via infö from SportScanInfo Nike sold 342,015 pairs at major retailers at an average price of $179.80. It sold an additional 137,751 pairs in kids sizes at an average price of $142.24.

That amounts to over $80 million in the bank in just three hours. Figures are not available for the rest of the world and if you factor in pairs that were still selling after release day there must have been over a million pairs of the Jordan 11 Legend Blue sold worldwide – EASY!

Jordan hype continues and rather than limit the numbers available Nike/Jordan are cleaning up, all the way to the bank, creating the hype and the desire and turning that into some serious profit.

This definitely has to be some sort of sneaker sale record!

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