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The King’s Christmas Comments

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The Ruler’s Back…

So Today is Boxing day, the King hopes you all had a great day yesterday and enjoyed the Turkey or whatever poultry you had, drinks and deserts and time with the family, speaking of family…How is my Word on the Feet family?

Today’s King’s Comments is just a message to the Kingdom to really ask people a few questions… Ok before that I want to apologise I have neglected my feature on here for a couple months… Those who know I had a little son aka @PrinceOfTrainers so in all fairness my time has been crazy tight so the King could not vent as much as he wanted too but now I am back (Cheeky Grin)… So my King’s Christmas Speech was yesterday if you haven’t seen it check it out at the end of this post. All I can say is 2014 has been a madness it’s been the year that I have seen that The King of Trainers  Brand is of some real value or kudos but I have to admit… People are just using my page for me to shout them out so they can get followers or sell their Trainers which tbh I don’t mind at all but what I do mind is when these people actually think it’s their God given right to be shouted out and on my page??? And some of these guys never ever shout me out (Not that I need help ;-)) but for me it’s the principle… And then when someone sets up a Trainers page I often get SHOUT ME OUT??? Huh I don’t know you?? You haven’t even got a logo? Also what’s your business plan? I mean if you genuinely  want to start something big the King is here to help but the @KingOfTrainers is a news page not an automatic shoutout page? Huh. Put in some work, look at all the stuff I do I’m posting all the time liking other peoples pictures and giving good reviews writing blogs, giving stories advice everything… and you’re gonna start an account Today and I HAVE to give you a shout? Look the best way to get a shoutout from the King in 2014…

Firstly you are gonna hear it here 1st all shoutouts in 2014 will have to be PAID for Yup! I am sorry I will be charging but we have alot more to offer than just a post but we ain’t giving anything away you’re gonna have to wait and see.

Secondly to separate the serious from the not so serious because I definitely believe some people are really faking the Funk… They don’t care about the culture or making it better they want Insta fame and I ain’t buying that!!

All the King asks for is for people to be real with it and real with themselves and maybe the Sneaker game isn’t really for them they need to go on XFactor if they want to be famous!!

If the King supports you support back that’s all I am saying it doesn’t cost millions to show support so my message going forward from TODAY is if you give me zero support I will do the same but then don’t wonder what happened just remember because the King never forgets!

Ok thats enough of the Boxing Day Rant… The King is sorry I don’t want to put you off your leftover Turkey…

Finally I want to say a BIG thank you to The Word OnThe Feet for giving the King this Platform to share my views on the UK Sneaker game also I wanna say that these guys do more for the good of humanity behind the scenes and should be supported more so I just wanna also say well done on all the Positive work and I hope 2015 is an even more amazing year for you guys!

Peace and Festive Treats


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