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It’s Friday…so you should know what that means but if you don’t I’m gonna remind you, it’s Beats For Your Feet Fridays with the one and only DJ Steve Austin…that be me, not on the M.I.C but on The Word On The Feet…you can also catch me each and every Saturday live, starting at 4p EST, 9p GMT on desertstormradio.com…it’s called The We Can Rebuild It Radio Show…Tune in and I’ll be glad to kick you in your eardrums!


Chronixx, Dread and Terrible. Zincfence; 2014.

This week we are diving into the world of Reggae! Chronixx is the name and great music is his game!!

Confident and poised, talented and versatile all come to mind when speaking of this fairly new Jamaican sensation by the name of Chronixx. But should it be to anyone’s surprise, when, by the age of 5 Chronixx had penned his first song and by age 11 had began his recording career. Chronixx is a breath of fresh air and the lifeblood in what many people feel is the revival of the now declining of Reggae music. With the much anticipated debut album DREAD & TERRIBLE released April 2014, Chronixx certainly did not disappoint. There’s something for every palette on this short but qualitative album, from traditional Reggae sounds, to Roots, to an up-tempo hybrid of Reggae and Hip-Hop. While the album is impressive what’s even more mind blowing are the various singles not included that paint an even more vivid picture of what’s to come. Newly released TENEMENT YARD (NEWS CARRYING DREAD), is sure to be a chart topper.

I’m not one for remakes especially of legendary tunes but with Inner Circle on the track and samples of “Jakes” voice ringing throughout, this is one of the few exceptions. My introduction to Chronixx, was through a song that has become one of my favourites; SMILE JAMAICA. SMILE JAMAICA is a classic sounding Reggae tune which stirs up great memories of a country that I left at a very early age. Chronixx inspires, educates and motivates with tunes like AIN’T NO GIVING IN, MOST I, THANKS & PRAISE and off of the album CAPTURED LAND.

If I were you, if not already, I would get familiar and stay familiar with the rise of a superstar. Check me out this Saturday @ 4p EST, 9p GMT on desertstormradio.com as pay homage to the rising star, Chronixx, on The We Can Rebuild It Radio Show.




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