Jordan Heads Brooklyn IN-STORE with Smif ‘n’ Wessun

Photo Feb 14

DJ Steve Austin here with an amazing story from an amazing experience. You may hear me using the word “amazing” quite often in my posts and write-ups but it’s for good reason. From my personal growth, I’ve realized that the material does not bring happiness, nor does it gauge my successes. Over the past few years I have been living life, experiencing new things and thinking and acting outside the proverbial box. I enjoy sharing my experiences with the hopes of influencing you to do the same. So here goes one of those amazing experiences…

For me, intimacy is a great draw when it comes to a performance. Don’t get me wrong, I will go to an overflowing arena any day but intimacy trumps crowd always. When I heard that the iconic Hip-Hop group Smif-n-Wessun was going to be performing in store, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their hit debut album Dah Shinin’, I had to be there, not only as a DJ but also as a fan. I love music, good music and to be a part of something of this magnitude was a great pleasure for me…big shoutout to Calvan and the Jordan Heads crew for having me.

For many of us, music provides a time warp. It allows us to travel back in time and remember some of the better moments, those moments that are not in the forefront during our everyday struggle. If you grew up in the 90’s then the 90’s is your reference point to almost everything in your life.

While growing up it didn’t seem like the simple things that we might have taken for granted would become some of the most iconic of our time. Music, fashion, food, loyalty, friendship, family, it was all good back then. I’m not gonna dwell on how great those times were because those of you who know, know. Back to the story at hand…

Smif-n-Wessun, Tek & Steele, DJ Logic…

The evening started off with a dope Hip-Hop set from Logic followed by a Q&A which was enlightening to me. Hearing the origin of the crew and understanding the hustle & commitment that goes along with gaining success made me reflect on the direction I’m heading in personally and professionally. Brooklyn natives, Tek & Steele made their debut on Black Moon’s Enta Da Stage back in ’93.While patiently awaiting their turn to shine, the group did what was necessary to make it to the top. Work! Many of us see the end product but never see or care to understand what it takes for an artist to accomplish their goals. Sacrifice is a must to achieve what you strive for. These cats are real and the truth is spoken with no hesitation.

Photo Feb 14-5

As for the performance…simply put, there were no fireworks, no flashing lights, no background dancers, just two MC’s, two mics, and the DJ.

Photo Feb 14-4

Photo Feb 14-2

Salute to Smif-n-Wessun and Beat Minerz Radio!

Keep your eyes peeled and be sure to support the Jordan Heads family. I definitely enjoyed my time and want to big up Calvan and the entire Jordan Heads crew for having me.


DJ Steve Austin @DJSteveAustin

Photo Feb 14-3

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