Countdown to Air Max Day – Zero – there would be no MAX without it.


An idea sketched on paper 29 years ago – it was how Tinker would open the window of visible air to the world. It was an Air Max prequel and without that sketch and others the Nike Air Max 1 would not exist. The Air Max Zero was one of the first steps in a design process that would bring the world Max Air. The one before the 1.

We know of Tinker’s travels to Paris and his inspiration that came from the Pompidou centre. But many don’t know that there were several potential ideas that could’ve been Nike’s visible air shoe and one of those was the Air Max Zero. Now taken from sketch to shoe and dropping in the next couple of days for Air Max Day 2015. 

Everything starts at ZERO.

SP15_NSW_SOTW_PHOTOGRAHPY_789695_104_OVERHEAD_39193 SP15_NSW_SOTW_PHOTOGRAHPY_789695_104_C_39191 SP15_NSW_SOTW_PHOTOGRAHPY_789695_104_A1_39192 SP15_NSW_SOTW_PHOTOGRAHPY_789695_104_F_39195 SP15_NSW_SOTW_PHOTOGRAHPY_789695_104_E_39194 SP15_NSW_SOTW_PHOTOGRAHPY_789695_104_G7_39196 SP15_NSW_SOTW_PHOTOGRAHPY_789695_104__B_39189 SP15_NSW_SOTW_PHOTOGRAHPY_7789695_104_G3_39181 INS2103_1_38483

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