Heeling Soles 2015 Little Jamaican Feet

Today we are very happy and proud to announce the launch of Heeling Soles Inc. As many of you know we have been involved in an ongoing initiative to provide shoes to those in need. Many of you donated pairs that we were able to distribute to people in the US and the UK, and to people in need in Jamaica and Mauritania. Well the whole thing really snowballed and we were really blown away by how much support that we received. And after travelling to the Caribbean and Africa and meeting with amazing people there doing amazing work on the ground we realised that with your support and our own determination we are in a position to help people, and also help local folks to strengthen and build their initiatives.

So today sees the launch of Heeling Soles, a registered not for profit organization that formalises the initiative. Through Heeling Soles we will build on the great work already done and continue what we have started, change that starts with one pair of shoes. The team that has been involved in the US and the UK is a amazing one, folks that you may have seen collecting at events and out in the street, and that team comes together now as Heeling Soles.


And all of you that have helped with the initiative, that have donated shoes, helped us publicise the collections, helped us transport shoes, helped with our costs, helped get the shoes to those in need we ask for your continued support as the initiative goes forward with Heeling Soles. Please check out the website, follow us on social media and please continue to help us with out work. We really appreciate your support.

Heeling Soles is here!


Twitter and Instagram: @heelingsoles

I'm a Heeling Soles Supporter

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