Feeture – For the Love of Jordans – The Man with the Michael Jordan Tattoo



With the rise of Jordan Brand appearing to be an unstoppable one and with more and more hype surrounding each release we decided to take a look at some folks with some serious love for the most famous number 23 ever and his signature shoe.

On a humid night in Queens, NY, we were lucky enough to be invited into the home of Chris Washington – the Man with the Jordan Tattoo. Now of course there are plenty of Michael Jordan and Air Jordan fans out there who have taken their love of either or both to the tattoo parlour but we felt that Chris’ tattoo and the story behind it is something quite special, as is his Jordan collection, so we’ll start by saying thanks to Chris for letting us interview him and peep his tattoo and just a little bit of his Jordan collection.

image-17       photo-5

Chris is a real down to earth guy in his late twenties who works for Cole Haan in the Roosevelt Field mall in New York and who from an early age was a huge fan of Michael Jordan. No bandwagon jumping here as Chris told us about how he remembered watching MJ play and watching him play in his signature Nike Air Jordans. He became a huge fan of Michael Jordan and a huge fan of the shoes. This is a little part of the Man with the Jordan Tattoo’s story.

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