Feeture – For the Love of Jordans – The Man with the Michael Jordan Tattoo


TWOTF: So how did the tattoo come about?

This wasn’t something I just jumped into and its wasn’t because of any Jordan shoe hype it was about me and my respect for Michael Jordan, his basketball game and of course about the shoes. I thought a lot about the design; I wanted it tattooed onto my left leg because if you remember that’s where MJ wore that leg warmer. The image on the rear is from one of the SLAM magazine covers that featured him and on the front I chose to have what is one of the classic Air Jordan shoe boxes with the Jordans spilling out onto my leg. I chose to feature all of the shoes that MJ wore throughout his career with the exception of the 9s.

It took 4 sittings to get it to where it is now and I’m not done with it yet so watch this space. I want to shout out my tattooist Derek Verley (@dtatstar) for understanding my vision and then translating that onto my leg in ink.


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