Time to speak about The Tech Challenge Club


Got Agassis?


We caught up with the most amazing collector of the classic Nike Air Tech Challenge and were so blown away by some of his collection when we saw it up close at Sneakerness Paris we had to find more about this amazing journey…so yes it is time to talk about The Tech Challenge Club…in Fight Club fashion…see below!

TWOTF : Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, what do you do in life aside from being an amazing collector?

TheTechCHallengeClub x SneakerFreaker02

Angel: People call me Angel because Angel Face has been my DJ name since 1996. I come straight outta HIP HOP culture, I set up my own label in 2002 – ‘ODS LAB’ – and have produced music for Hip-Hop artists from my hometown. We released two albums in 2003 and 2004. And did early work with the likes of Arsenik, Neg Brown, Pit Bacardi, Hocus Pocus …

Today I work for a big French company and have done for 10 years, I’m a father of two children and still passionate about US Hip-Hop (WU TANG in particular!). RZA is my point of reference when it comes to production and sampling.

And being such a fan…the official Facebook account of Wu Tang has recently published a photo of my exhibit in Paris. I am slowly recovering!!!

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