Time to speak about The Tech Challenge Club

TWOTF: What is the future for The Tech Challenge Club, when are you gonna show the world the collection?

Angel: In the not so distant future for 2T2C is the launch of our Official Tee Shirt and a European tour that started in Belgium (Charleroi) in April and France (Histokicks to La Boite Collector (Lille) and Sneakerness in Paris ). We will be in Germany (Cologne) in October, Holland (Amsterdam) in November, and England (London) in January 2015. And why not the United States in 2015!!!


I want to thank the whole team 2T2C (Beninho, Ben, Olivier Bertrand, Karim, Ludo …) and all the people who continue to make the effort to come see our exhibit. Stay Tuned at http://www.TheTechChallengeClub.com, and check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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