Time to speak about The Tech Challenge Club

TWOTF: What is The Tech Challenge Club? What role do you and the collection play in sneaker culture and within the sneakerhead community?

Angel: The Tech Challenge Club (2T2C) is a website that showcases my collection of Nikes / Agassis, from 1989 to the present, and has about 100 pairs displayed online. It’s a virtual museum. The purpose is to share my passion with the world!

The second aim of 2T2C is through exhibitions to tell the story of Agassi and tennis.

The exhibition concept is not very well developed in our culture in my opinion and the people I meet at sneaker events do not always understand my approach: “What! You’re not selling them?! What’s the point then! “.

Agassi’s re-signing with Nike last year has also presented me with a huge opportunity…

TWOTF: When did your love for the Air Tech Challenge start?


Angel: I’ve been into tennis since I was a kid! I started playing when I was 6 or 7 years old. My parents lived next to a tennis club, so it really was the first sport I played.

Agassi was my first role model back in the early 90s, and like all kids, I wanted to be like him so I started to buy the clothes, rackets and sneakers. But back then, it was much harder than now to cop this gear! The Internet did not exist!!

Unfortunately, most of my sneakers ended up in the trash! Like many of us I guess!

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