Time to speak about The Tech Challenge Club

TWOTF: And how has it grown this amazing collection?

Angel: It’s 2006/2007 I needed to find all the pairs I used to own. I then wanted to find the pairs that I wasn’t able to get back then! Nostalgia and frustration have fuelled my return towards the ATC!

TWOTF: You really are a tennis fan?

Angel: Yes, I’ve always been a fan of tennis, a little less now admittedly. But the sport is a part of my life. My business partner and friend Beninho is in the process of motivating me to play again from time to time!


TWOTF: Which pair started the collection?

Angel: The first pair that I found in 2006 is the ATC III Retro “Yellow Volt” bought for 50 € on Ebay. I immediately purchased all 4 colourways of this model.

But if we’re talking the first pair, then the first pair of Agassis in my life were the ATC IV (Cherry / Grape) released in 1991.

TWOTF: What is the oldest and the newest pair? And of course your favourite pair.

Angel: My oldest pair is the ATC I from 1989, the most recent being the ATC II “US Open II” and my favorite of all time is the Air Challenge LWP “Dark Teal”.

43-Nike Air Challenge LWP Dark Teal 10us

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