Time to speak about The Tech Challenge Club

TWOTF: What is your most sought after pair, the pair that you most want to have but have not obtained as yet?

Angel: The pair I am still hunting for is the ATC IV “Ginger” I’ve never seen a pair for sale. It’s a “Masterpiece” that is missing from my collection!

tumblr_ma7q272zlv1r0d93ro1_1280    _IMG_0399-2

TWOTF: How did Agassi change tennis clothing and what has his influence been on sneaker culture?

Angel: Agassi revolutionized tennis and paved the way for a certain global democratization in the world of tennis.

His character, his style of play, his “flashy” outfits and sneakers took tennis to the 2.0 era!

As with Jordan sneakers, Nike was extremely innovative with the “Challenge Court” and “Tech Challenge” series. And in many ways Agassi and Jordan have the same story in terms of their respective sports, the same concerns about fines in their early careers and both an amazing track record!

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