Time to speak about The Tech Challenge Club

TWOTF: What you think of the latest incarnations of the Tech Challenge, the new colors, the Wimbledon version, the USA version?

Angel: Today, from my point of view, Nike is going way too fast and is in the process of killing the ATC II. Too many models are releasing in too short a time and the choice of colouway is sometimes inconsistent with the origin of the ATC II (look at the Poison Green and Kumquat). It borders on overdose! It’s time for Nike to move on from the ATC II. The ATC IV would be a good one to retro …

I like the “Grand Slam” series, the USA wins that one! Nike should release a “DAVIS CUP” and “OLYMPIC GAMES” versions to complete the series. Agassi is the only player in history to have won all these tournaments!


TWOTF: Why do people, especially young sneakerheads like this shoe when they are not from the Agassi era? Do you think there is a desire to have the Tech Challenge, because the infamous Yeezy has the same sole?

Angel: I think kids like the ATC II because of the “Hype”. They do not care about the origin and history of this model. Most believe that the ATC II is a new model inspired by the YEEZY, because of the sole!

An aim of 2T2C is to tell the story of the sneaker to young people through these OG Agassi models.

TWOTF: What is the state of sneakerhead culture now – good things and bad?

Angel: Currently, sneaker culture is at its peak! Between the new models, retros, the collabs and customs, there’s something for everyone! Brands have understood it (the boom) and are profiting big time out of it. There’s never been so many sneaker events!

The downside, as usual is the “Business” aspect, brands that put profits before quality.

The big difference between the 80s and 90s is the Internet. Today, everyone can in theory obtain the same product at the same time. Back in the days you had to travel to get hold of what was new new and Fresh.

TWOTF: Do you think Agassi and Nike should release a new version of the Tech Challenge, perhaps a hybrid of some sort? A Tech Challenge 2015?

Angel: I think Nike should change up the model for these retro Agassis that’s for sure. They are in the process of killing the ATC II.

Air Flare, Air Alarm, The Air Challenge LWP or the ATC IV are all worthy of a retro!

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